Can you accept being wrong?

19 June 2014
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Can you accept being wrong?

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Admitting we are wrong is not easy. We fear that the image others hold of us might be altered or damaged.

Self-righteousness is a form of stubbornness. It is a symptom of perfectionism that precludes us from learning from our mistakes. Always needing to be right, we close ourselves off from new knowledge. How can we learn from experience when we already know everything? How can we grow and move forward with our lives when disproportionate amount of energy goes into saving appearances?

The funny thing is, we're the only ones who refuse to see our mistakes. They're apparent to those around us, and if we'd only own up to them, others wouldn't care so much about our foibles. -B. Saavedra

Can I accept & own my faults? Can I accept that no one is perfect including myself? Enjoy your thoughts & revelations! -Lady Stubbs  

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