Naturals & #Fedora

Hey Hey! Can you believe it's almost September? We'll be wearing pea coats and tights before you know it, ha! Which leads me to my seasonal hair preparation; like the sometimes compulsive person I am, I cut my hair super low for the summer. I always do this. Cut my hair in the summer and hope I have enough hang time by winter to get some box braids or something😭😭. No one wants a cold head in the fall/winter. So, I'm not normally a big hat person, probably due to the fact I use to rock a big puff. Since my hair falls in the "twa" category now, I want to try some cute hats. I haven't been searching long, but I lucked up on a few at one of my go-to online shops: ASOS.  Any idea where to find more hats?  School me. [gallery ids="1391,1392,1393" type="rectangular"] 💟Alli

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